Amazing Man - sticker

Name: William Blake "Will" Everett Sr.

Alias(es): None

First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #5 1939 Centaur; All-Star Squadron #23 1983 DC

In-Universe Debut: (as Amazing Man) 1939

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 185

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Relations, Sidekicks, Colleagues, and TeamsEdit

Wife Zona Henderson, brother-in-law Tommy Henderson (Sidekick)

Wayward Earth HistoryEdit

William Blake “Will” Everett was an African-American Olympic athlete from New York who competed in the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. He took gold in the Pentathlon and helped America to the silver in Tug of War. After the games while heading home Will was abducted and taken to Nanda Parbat by the Council of Seven because it had been decided that he was of the highest mental, moral, and physical constitution, would serve best as a champion of humanity, and with both of his parents dead, no siblings, and no romantic interests no one would miss him. The members of the council trained Everett beyond the point of human perfection mentally and physically and gave him the ability to transform his body into any inorganic substance he came into contact with.
Time in Nanda Parbat moves differently and after more than fifty years training with the Seven a still youthful Everett returned to the world to find only twenty-seven years had passed. He traveled to America and became a Mystery Man, eventually joining the ranks of the All-Star Squadron. Blake was joined on his adventures by Zona Henderson. The two would eventually marry and have children. He would fight the Ultra-Humanite and The Eighth Councilor.

After the Mystery Men were shut down by the HUAC Everett became a Crime Buster in New Orleans. Due to his outspoken Civil Rights activities Everett's identity was exposed to the public by J. Edgar Hoover.

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