Miraclo, Vitamin 2-X and Stormy Foster's miracle vitamin were all derived from the same research. This research would eventually lead to the creation of the drug Venom.

There were three scientists in the biological chemistry department of Bannerman Chemicals – doctors Franz, Tyler, and Vaughan. When Tyler stumbled upon the formula he would come to call Miraclo he tried to keep it secret. In this he failed. Vaughan and Franz saw use for this new formula and developed an adrenal variant Vitamin 2-X. They split up to test this formula, Franz to Chicago and Vaughan to San Francisco. Franz eventually became friends with a young policeman named Dan Garret who would use the Vitamin 2-X to fight crime as the Scarab. Vaughan took up work as a pharmacist and gave a heroic soda jerk the pill. Stormy Foster the soda jerk would become The Great Defender.

Unlike the one hour limitation of Miraclo that would define the career of Rex Tyler as Hourman Vitamin 2-X would last as long as the users' adrenaline rush. While repeated use of 2-X didn't appear to have any major side effects on the user it did cause changes in successive generations including enhanced strength and durability.

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