Blake, Barr, Sivana, and Concord Ultra-mad scientists. Multi-disciplinarians with interests in chemistry, engineering, and physics. School chums from Ivy University known as the Binder Hall Mob. In college they began formulating ways to save the world. They tried to sell governments on non-lethal armaments and advanced systems, but were rejected as crackpots. Sivana went to Venus, Blake to other parts of the solar system, and Barr and Concord became Mystery Men.

James Barr – Bulletman

Gary Concord – Ultra-Man

Stuart Blake Helped design the ship Sivana used to travel to Venus. Gave his son the Crime Cure to make the boy physically strong enough to handle Sunergy treatments which allowed the boy to control the Miracle Metal.

Joe Page and Wizard Wells were junior Mad Scientists in the Mob.

The Crime Cure was intended to be a boost for law enforcement, but proved too powerful, and the authorities too corrupt. Concord and Barr experimented on themselves with the formula, and Blake seeing the results used it on his son. Despite the unmitigated success of the formula it was decided that the police were too corrupt and such power would doom society. They promptly destroyed all traces of it.

The Crime Cure transformed both men; Their already brilliant minds pushed further beyond genius, they became bigger and much stronger, and while Barr's skin and muscles toughened to the point of bullet-proof Concord's mind expanded to allow for telepathy and telekinesis.

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