Adam Blake
Commissioner William Blake
Martha Blake
Approved Comics #2 1945 St. John
Detective Bill Blake
Smash Comics #1 1939 Quality
Johnny Blake
Brave and the Bold v1 #31 1960 DC
Dennis Blake
Starman v1 #2 1988 DC
Daniel Blake
Approved Comics #2 1945 St. John

Doctor John Blake
Martha Blake
Adam Blake
Strange Adventures v1 #9 1951 DC
Zinda Blake
Blackhawk #133 1959 DC

Fredrick “Frenchy” Blake
Detective Comics v1 #28 1939 DC
Yvonne Sergo-Blake
Captain Marvel, Jr. #1 1942 Fawcett
George Blake
Detective Comics v1 #187 1952 DC

Stuart Blake
Wow Comics #3 (1940)
Atom Blake
Wow Comics #1 (1940)
Duare XVI Princess of Venus
Wow Comics #4 (1940)

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