James “Jim” Dolan – Gotham City - 1940
Editor – Daring Detective Magazine, former FBI Agent
Slam-Bang Comics #1 1940 Fawcett

Dash Dolan
Dashiell “Dash” Dolan - China - 1940
Soldier of Fortune
Champion Comics #6 1940 Worth Carnahan

Red Dolan
Alfred “Red” Dolan – 1936
Reporter – City Press
Funny Picture Stories v1 #1 1936 Comics Magazine Company

Tim Dolan
Timothy “Tim” Dolan – Gotham City - 1945
Police Officer
Mask Comics #1 1945 Rural Home

Element Man
John Dolan – Gotham City
Lab Assistant to Professor Higgins, Chemist
Detective Comics #294 1961 DC

Jasper Dolan
Gotham City
Batman: The Long Halloween #10 1997 DC

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