Lance Bruner
Lance Armour

Name: Lance Bruner

Alias(es): Nightwing, Shrike

First Appearance: Brave and the Bold v1 #83 1969 DC

In-Universe Debut:



Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Relations, Sidekicks, Colleagues, and TeamsEdit

Bat-Clan, League of Assassins

Wayward Earth HistoryEdit

Guardianship willed to Thomas Wayne on the death of his father, Mister Bruner, and passed to Bruce Wayne due to the death of Thomas, but as Bruce was out of the country and no one could locate him Lance ended up in the foster system. Upon his return to Gotham Bruce became aware of Lance's existence and did what he could for the boy, but ultimately, seeing Lance's predilection for crime Bruce was convinced by Alfred to take in Lance with the intention of putting him in a good academy. However, Lance soon learned of Bruce's secret identity and was inducted into the crime-fighting life as Nightwing (II). Thought to have been killed by the gangster Stark (the same John Stark who trained Selina Catwoman) Lance's body was never recovered. Rescued by the League of Assassins and in an attempt by Talia to somehow get back into Bruce's good graces. This failed miserably as Lance was a villain at heart and would return as the Shrike (Robin: Year One v1 #3 2000 DC). Trained the assassin Boone (Nightwing Secret Files and Origins v1 #1 1999 DC) who had grown up with Jason Todd and was rejected by Natalia Knight as “Just not having the temperament for this sort of thing.”.

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