Symbolix Project Telemachus Project Helix After World War II, German biogeneticist Klaus Schimmel was brought to America, under the identity of Egrin Wahrman, to continue the research which created the Nazi super-soldier Baron Blitzkrieg.

Failing to create results, Wahrman's government funding was eliminated and lingered until Vandal Savage became his secret financer and Wahrman founded the Symbolix Corporation. Providing Wahrman with the genetic material of several members of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron, Vandal Savage was well on his way to creating an instrument of revenge.

After successfully creating DNA which would carry the metagene, Vandal Savage abducted a donor whose biology would be receptive to the genetic manipulation - the recently pregnant Mary Pratt, wife of the superhero known as the Atom, Al Pratt.

All of the Symbolix children exhibit enhanced strength, speed and durability with other abilities specific to their bloodline or circumstances.

Michael Desai Son of Niles Caulder – Doctor Doom and Arani Desai – Celsius Abducted and raised by Ashtok Desai

Jake Grant Son of Ted Grant – Wildcat and Irina Abducted by the Yellow Wasp

Grant Albert Emerson (Pratt Baby) Son of Al Pratt – The Atom and Mary James/Pratt Abducted by agents of Vandal Savage Raised by the Emersons

Samuel Barton (Unnamed Knight/Munro baby) Child of Sandra Knight and Iron Munro Abducted by Baron Blitzkrieg Raised by the Bartons

Sophia (Unnamed Kosmatos/Crane Baby) Child of Helena Kosmatos - Fury and Joseph Crane - Joe Hercules Abducted by parties unknown

Jennifer-Lynn “Jenny” Hayden & Todd Rice Children of Alan Scott and Rose Canton Abducted by Thorn When Rose went to give the children to an orphanage the Thorn personality took over and instead sold them to Vandal Savage. The Rice and Hayden families were part of the same Savage/Symbolix funded fostering as the Emersons.

Joshua Terrill - Spitfire Son of Happy Terrill – The Ray and Nadine Sexton Abducted by Thomas Terrill

Marianne Venable Daughter of Fred Venable – The Human Target Abducted by Blinky Groves

Project Helix Professor Amos Love conducted the original experiments then stole the children from the Symbolix compound to raise on his own

Mr. Bones (leader) - cyanide touch

Robert Todd

Baby Boom (Babe) - makes things explode

Arak - controls wind Arak Fox Son of Flying Fox (II)

Penny Dreadful - Human conductor

Kritter - Canine master programer

Tao Jones - Levitate and deflect energy Siong Married Yoshio Sato and had daughter Sonia Jones became a mercenary and on a mission met Sato. They began to work together and eventually fell in love. They married and had a daughter at which point they tried to retire. The Yakuza, who they both worked for at this point, would have none of it and killed them both.

Carcharo - Head of a shark

Wildcat (II)