Bowman King

Name: Mortimer King (first name unrevealed in canon, provided via Mikel Midnight)

Alias(es): Bowman

First Appearance: Showcase v1 #62 1966 DC

In-Universe Debut: New Orleans 1940

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Relations, Sidekicks, Colleagues, and TeamsEdit

Wife Millie, son William, daughter Bonnie, son-in-law Bernell Jones, granddaughter Suzanne

Member Freedom Brigade

Wayward Earth HistoryEdit

Mortimer King was an historian and college history professor with a bit of an obsession regarding medieval European warfare. When Fifth Columnists tried to seize the college's collection of ancient artifacts to fun the Nazi cause, King took up an old Welsh longbow and defeated the thugs. Thinking to put his interests and active life-style to use in defending his country Mortimer King became the Bowman.

Straight up Golden Age Green Arrow, and with Ollie occupying a place in the Silver Age on the Wayward Earth, the Bowman fits perfectly to take up his Golden Age adventures. Since the Bowman didn't have a sidekick Golden Arrow and Brave Bow take Green Arrow's place in the Seven Soldiers. Figure Mort didn't much care what his kids did with their lives, so long as they were happy, but it was Millie who pushed them into heroics. Didn't keep the cape due to it getting in the way of the quiver, but otherwise kept him the same (which is Golden Age Green Arrow).

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