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This project makes use of National, American, Quality, Fawcett, Charlton (St. John, Mainline, Frank Comunale, Superior), EC, Vertigo, and Milestone comics from 1935 to Flashpoint in 2011 (Flashpoint v2 #1 2011). All owned by DC, or in the case of Milestone (and The Shadow) integrated so thoroughly it makes little difference regarding the license. Use is made of IPC characters which were bought by Time Warner and only used in an out-of-universe limited series by Wildstorm (which is not otherwise included) and re-issued by Vertigo (which makes it fair game). Public domain characters from Lev Gleason, Nedor/Pine/Standard/etc, Rural Home, Centaur, Fox, Narrative, you get the idea, were scalped to fill out character histories; the intention being for each character to have as detailed an entry as, say, Aquaman (because anything as involved as Batman or Superman would be ludicrous) in a cohesive universe.

The novels Gladiator by Philip Wylie and Odd John by Olaf Stapledon were used along with couple others published before 1935. DCU animated universe and video games were also referenced (worked for Harley Quinn and Roxy Rocket). No ret-con has been left unturned.

In conjunction with

The lab from which this monster grows.

Pretty much everything presented here is either owned by DC Comics/Warner and related creatures, or Public Domain, and either way no claims of ownership or monetary gains are being made at their expense. All profile pictures and accompanying graphics by Bastard Bird.

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