When the Crisis was rolling around the Oans convinced the Lords of Order and Chaos, Rama Kushna, the Demiurge, the New Gods of the Fourth World, and other cosmic entities that if they allowed things to happen as they were preordained then they would cease to exist when the Multiverse collapsed. These cosmic movers and shakers pooled their powers and removed their universe from the multiverse. This left a ten year temporal scar either side of the Crisis across all adjacent and tangential realities that killed time-travel, but for the most part avoided the general unpleasantness of collapse.

This break with the Multiverse left this universe – call it Earth 225 - floating in a near-universal micro-structure apart from the rest. Hence Wayward.

While the Crisis is the Point of Divergence it hasn't happened yet. Gets a bit recursive even. The fixed point everything leads up to is the middle of the Silver Age. The second Justice League has just debuted in an adventure with the original League and the help of Golden Age heroes Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, and Johnny Thunder. They spread out to various points in the past to bring the original Seven Soldiers of Victory to the present.

Most of the Golden and Rocket Age heroes have retired, even the hold-over Crime Busters. The Doom Patrol (II), Justice Experience, and Challengers of the Unknown have been making news for a couple of years now, and the Teen Titans just barely beat Superman's League to the punch. Superman has returned from self imposed exile in space, crippled eccentric Bruce Wayne has returned from years abroad, there are rumours of the Gargoyle of Gotham, Princess Diana of Paradise Island has revealed the existence of her home to the world, and the Martian Manhunter gave an interview to reporter Vic Sage about how he came to Earth and why he's just now making his presence known.